Cafe restaurant Terrace

Cafe restaurant TerraceTEL:+81-47-355-3348

Where you can enjoy buffet-style breakfast.

All-you-can-eat menus are available during breakfast. At the bar, you can enjoy the world's finest liquors as well as fantastic cocktails. The shop features cake and bread made at the hotel.

Business hours

  • Breakfast:
  • A la carte:
    11:00-20:00 (Open from 15:00 on weekdays.)
  • Bar:
  • Shop:
    Light meal (Breakfast), breads, coffee 7:30-
    Sweets, banana bread 10:00-
    Light meal (Dinner) 17:00-
  • * Restaurant hours may be changed without prior notice.

Number of seats

  • 108 seats
  • * Perfect for small parties, such as group meals and wedding after-parties. We can accommodate 10 or more guests.
  • * Dishes can be customized to your preference. Please let us know how we can serve you.


  • All seating in the hall is nonsmoking

<<Information on where rice was grown>>

  • For information on where the rice served at Cafe restaurant Terrace was grown, please inquire to wait staff.
chef Masami Kitayama

A word from chef

At Cafe restaurant Terrace, you can enjoy buffet-style cuisine in a bright atmosphere. For seasonal events, demonstrations by our chefs and pâtissiers are quite popular. Please come and see.
chefMasami Kitayama