Bar FontanaBar Fontana

A bar you can drop into anytime.

Have a spare moment? Drop in and enjoy our bar. Perfect for enjoying a leisurely drink while overlooking the courtyard. Open from 15:00.

Enjoy your fill of sommelier-recommended wines and craft beers

We also recommend wine and beer tastings. How about finding that perfect drink for you?

We have Tap Marché, the only one you can find in Maihama area (a small dispenser for craft beer.) You can enjoy a variety of craft beers.

Try the chef’s special tapas

While enjoying our craft beer and wine why don’t you try an array of Spanish style Tapas prepared by our chefs. Small tasty bites provide you a taste with an explosion of Spanish flavor.

Business hours

  • 15:00-21:00
  • * Restaurant hours may be changed without prior notice.

Number of seats

  • 22 seats


  • All seating is nonsmoking


  • +81-47-355-3345

One-coin menu and other items

Enjoy your favorite draft beer and sparkling wine, and six types of tapas, available for just “one coin”, or only ¥ 509. Pick your favorite and enjoy.

  • Hours
    * Reservations are recommended.
    * Menu may be subject to change depending on availability.
    * The listed prices include consumption tax and service charges.
  • One-coin by the glass
    Draft beer, sparkling wine, red wine, white wine, each  ¥ 500
  • One-coin tapas
    Olives española, pork rillettes, bagna cauda, cheese potato balls, vegetable pickles, garlic toast, each  ¥ 500
  • tapas
    Narashino sausage, escargots à la Bourguignonne, ajillo whelks, dry-cured ham on grissini, each  ¥ 1,000
    Chicken breast ham and gambas-style sautéed shrimp, each  ¥ 700
    Indian beans, baguette, each  ¥ 300

Craft beer, pairing set

Bar Fontana boasts the first Tap Marché machine (a small dispenser for craft beers).
Enjoy a combination of four different craft beers matched or paired with several of our most popular Tapas.

  • Hours
    * Reservations are recommended.
    * Ingredients may be subject to change depending on availability.
    * The listed prices include consumption tax and service charges.
    * The brands of craft beer may be subject to change.
  • Craft beer
    With craft beer, the emphasis of each brewery gives rise to a variety of flavors. Enjoy pairings to match the different tastes of each beer, and find the perfect one for you.
    Regular (300ml) each  ¥ 950 / Small (210ml) each  ¥ 750
  • Pairing set
    Try a tasting of seasonal beers! A set of tapas matched to each beer. In the same way that wine is paired with a meal, there are pairings to let you enjoy the different types and flavors of craft beer. Please enjoy their combination with these dishes.
    A set menu of four types of craft beer (100ml X 4), and four types of tapas chosen to match them  ¥ 2,000

* Photos are for illustrative purposes.